Personalized Diets

I have been there, that close call where you almost didnt make weight, or that fight where you felt fatigued. How about all those days grinding on the mats and in and out of the weight room feeling like you just never recover. Rather its leading up to the fight or match, or you just want to feel and look better, nutrition is vitally important and can play a big difference in your game and the way you feel. That is why Phillip a certified sports nutritionist is offering you personalized diet programs. Gram for gram you will receive a diet that is specifically for your needs as a fighter or competitor. Diet programs are offered in mesocycles (3 months) for $189.95 usd.

With my personalized dieting programs you can be assured to reek benefits such as:

  • Lower overall bodyfat
  • Enhanced recovery between workouts and matches
  • Gains in strength and endurance
  • Gains in lean muscle mass
  • A bullet proof immune system
  • Increase in overall performance and vitality
  • Longevity!
  • Proper weight cuts leaving you with incredible energy

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